Yarn has been in our DNA for three centuries

According to an ancient document, our founder’s ancestors managed a spinning mill back in 1719. This passion and age-old knowledge have been handed down for generations in the Bracci family and have fuelled their creative and entrepreneurial spirit to the present day.

Feel Blue started out as a stylistic consultancy company in 2004 and quickly made a name for itself amongst the most important Asian fashion companies.

Then, in 2015, we made the leap.

We have become a manufacturing company with a high level of creativity, and we have earned the loyalty of large international fashion brands that trust us to transform their “moods” and inspiration into fashion accessories that are ready for sale.

Our founder’s love for his region and his roots drove him to establish the company here, away from the big industrial hubs, at the foot of the Sibillini Mountains, or as the poet Leopardi called them, the Blue Mountains, because at sunset they turn blue, like Feel Blue.

Creative Team: adding value to your ideas

Guided by the experience and charisma of our creative director, our designers absorb your moods, take on your inspiration, take your ideas and transform them into design projects that are ready to be produced. They choose the materials, plan production, test, carry out controls and experiment until every collection is perfect.

The Merchandising Team: relationships take priority

Day by day, they build relationships with customers, displaying their competence, courtesy and precision: professional, sincere and enduring relationships based on a mutual commitment to honesty and transparency.
Their aim is to make you feel welcome, understood, reassured and part of the production process. All contact is direct, no information is lost between one desk and another, all names have a face, all phones are answered by a friendly voice and all emails have a signature that you know.

The Operations Team: passion for a job well done

The magic happens when minds and hands meet: spools unravel, yarns are weaved, stitches are made and gloves, scarves, hats, capes, neck warmers and other knitwear accessories come to life. Weaving, stitching, washing, pressing, quality control, packaging, shipping: a great team of expert hands put their heart and soul into every thread.



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