Why Feel Blue supports FuoriMano Festival

Supporting the social and cultural initiatives of our local area is part of our business philosophy. Among the projects that we have chosen to support in 2022, there is also FuoriMano (literally “out of the way”), a cultural festival and a literary prize organized in Sarnano by the APS Circolo di Piazza Alta from 23rd until 30th July 2022. The theme they propose is particularly close to our hearts: the province, understood not only as a geographical dimension, but above all as an existential one. Around this topic, the organizers are proposing appointments with writers, filmmakers, artists, musicians and have launched a literary competition from which they have created an anthology of short stories. The antology also includes our contribution, a reflection on what it means to do business off the beaten path. This adjective, in Italian language, carries with it a veiled negative meaning.  It means that something is not where it should be and that this, in the end, creates discomfort for someone else. It is one of those adjectives that love to be followed by a “but”. Two letters that change everything. Like when our customers tell us «well, you’re a little out of the way, but every time we come to visit you it’s like doing “Marche-theraphy”. Because there is a big difference between spending your day in an office in the city center and working looking at our stunning “Blue” mountains. In short, when the “but” enters the scene, everything that comes before it tends to lose importance and, magically, the attention is focused on what comes next. FuoriMano Festival does just that: it reflects on what happens on the margins to enhance them and that is why we have decided to support it. To find out more about the Festival we invite you to visit the official website or follow the Festival on Facebook and Instagram.