We are ready for the Metaverse

Virtual becomes real and fashion lands in the Metaverse. We are ready: in Feel Blue we are already able to create collections of fashion accessories in a virtual environment.

What does it mean?

  • We create three-dimensional digital prototypes perfect for both knitwear and fabric accessories.
  • We dress up our customers’ avatars and help fashion companies to create digital accessories for immersive virtual reality: showrooms, flagship stores, fashion shows, events.
  • And of course we continue to produce the best accessories in the real world

What are the benefits?

It is a revolution for production, for marketing, for the user experience, for the environment.
  • With 3d virtual modeling we pass from the designer’s sketch to the prototype in a few hours.
  • We can change the fit in real time until we get the perfect model for each size.
  • We can guarantee a 99% reliable fit in the real world.
  • We can improve customization system that let you people express their creativity.

Is it also a good thing for the environment?

Definitely yes. Virtual reality prototyping allows us to:
  • Reduce overproduction
  • Limit the consumption of raw materials
  • Limit the consumption of electricity and water
  • Contain pollution due to the transport of physical samples.
Interesting, right?