Together, we make a sustainable manufacturing company that cares about the world

Sustainability is our raison d’être and it lies at the heart of our production of hats, scarves and gloves. Thread by thread and stitch by stitch, we take care of our production processes, people, the environment and the community around us because our work creates value for everyone, today and tomorrow.

Feel Blue is a creative workshop

We are a manufacturing company that encourages creativity at every stage of the job: from advice during the conception phase to research into innovative methods to make the production process increasingly efficient and sustainable

Feel Blue is part of the local community

We decided to work in a wonderful place, away from the large industrial estates, and we foster a fruitful relationship with the region to do our part in the community

Feel Blue is a team of people

We are a company made of people that work in a stimulating, welcoming and healthy environment for both the body and spirit, where everyone can give the best of themselves. We cultivate a human approach to dealings with our customers, suppliers and employees to create a network of constructive relationships.

Feel Blue is an ecosystem in harmony with man and the environment

We have developed a manufacturing system that is made up of environmentally friendly processes designed to minimise environmental pollution.

Certified quality and commitment. We have achieved certifications that demonstrate our commitment to building an eco-friendly production model and our desire to be part of an increasingly ethical and transparent value chain