From school to business: telling high school students about our Knittitude

Last Friday 20 January, the creative director of Feel Blue, Filippo Bracci, participated in the school-talk “From school to business: how to create quality businesses starting from scratch even in the mountain area”, organized by professor Roberta Giacomozzi at the “Mattei” Economic Technical Institute of Amandola (FM). Also taking part in the meeting were Graziano Giordani, owner of “Graziano Ricami” in Venarotta, which operates in the art of embroidery in the luxury and extra-luxury sector, and Domenico Sacconi from Comunanza, creator of “Kiro”, a refined cashmere knitwear company value, with innovative after-sales services.

Together with the other entrepreneurs, Bracci recounted the evolutionary path of Feel Blue, explaining how it was possible to build an entrepreneurial reality that today operates on an international level starting from a logistically “disadvantaged” territory, which is rich in beauty and inspires quality.


Bracci has tried to convey our essence to the students of “Mattei”: what we call Knittitude, a philosophy that brings together the creative spirit of craftsmanship, with efficiency, precision and the possibilities offered by new virtual technologies . The purpose of the talk, in fact, was to illustrate to the students the professional opportunities in the fashion industry and the new skills necessary for the development of this sector. Creating employment in our area, considered by many to be peripheral and “out of the way”, has always been one of the fundamental objectives of our mission and dealing with students has been an opportunity and a privilege for us.

Some local newspapers wrote about this talk: