Feel Blue supports L’Onda che Verrà: a show to preserve the Ocean

June 8 is World Oceans Day, established to reflect on the relationship between humanity and the Sea, on the benefits that this grants us and, above all, on the responsibility that each of us has in preserving it. For some time now, at Feel Blue we have been working to promote sustainable production methods that respect the environment and the water to deliver a livable planet to future generations. This year we decided to support L’Onda che Verrà (The Coming Wave), a show with Sergio Múñiz, directed by Francesco Facciolli, co-written by interpreter and director, produced by Vincenzo Fazio and Arturo Morano for Art Show.   The show also received the support of UNESCO which included it in the UN Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, a global initiative promoted by all the member States of the United Nations to involve the entire civil society in developing solutions for the protection of the oceans and, in general, for a more sustainable future.   L’Onda che Verrà tells the delicate relationship between Man and the Sea through the memories of the protagonist, Sergio, surfer and fisherman, in search of balance between these two souls. The Sea is the constant of the whole show: welcoming and frightening, fascinating and terrible, infinite and inexorable like the life itself. Because, after all, we are all Ocean.   The show will be prepared here in Marche region, during an Artistic Residence at the Politeama Theatre in Tolentino (MC) and will debut at the “Beniamino Gigli” Arena in Porto Recanati (MC) on June 27, on the occasion of the inauguration of the Museo del Mare. We will be there, together with the authorities of Porto Recanati, a representative of UNESCO and the actor Sergio Muniz to discuss together eco-sustainable practices and respect for the environment.