Feel Blue obtains the Global Recycled Standard certification

Another step for building an eco-sustainable company. After 4Sustainability and Re.verso, we have now obtained the Global Recycled Standard certification, recognized as the most important international standard for the sustainable production of garments and textile products made with recycled materials.

Audit and certification process

The certification process lasted several months and took into consideration every aspect of the production process: the suitability of suppliers, the compliance of the raw materials and chemicals, the composition of our products, the management of manufacturing processes, control of the production chain to prevent recycled materials from being replaced with others, as well as compliance with specific environmental and social criteria. Now, we officially have the GRS Certificate of Conformity and will continue to undergo annual inspections to maintain this certification.

What GRS is and why it is important

The Global Recycle Standard was conceived and promoted by Textile Exchange, one of the most important international non-profit organizations for responsible and sustainable development in the textile sector. Textiles, in fact, are one of the industrial sectors with the greatest environmental impact both for the consumption of resources, for the use of harmful chemicals, and for the production of large waste. Over the years, we have been committed to improving on all these fronts by implementing Chemical Management protocols for the reduction of chemical pollution, Energy Management systems for containing energy consumption and we have joined supply chains based on the Circular Economy such as Re.Verso™. Now GRS certification also guarantees that:
  • our products contain at least 20% of pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled material;
  • our activities and manufacturing processes use management models and procedures that comply with the environmental and social requirements established by the Textile Exchange.