Feel blue in the Research Space of Pitti Filati 92: Calligraphy

From January 25th to 27th we were at Pitti Filati 2023, in the Research Space in the wonderful Fortezza da Basso in Florence where we exposed our creations inspired by the theme: Alphabet.

In particular we’ve developed the theme of Calligraphy, inspired by Arabic alphabet:

its lines and graphic signs guided us in our reinterpretation of the theme, elaborating its traditions, art and culture with a new prospective, one that drives us towards the future.

Why Alphabet?

In a fast and completely changed world, where progress is faster than thought, learning and sculpting the world’s new language seems the only way to understand reality.

Language, writing and alphabet are the tools of knowledge, communication, and exchange, and in these times, we need them more than ever.

How did it go?

We brought to Pitti our philosophy, our sensibility, our creativity, our innovation techniques and our legacy. In one word, our Knittitude. Like every year, we bring back a precious load of ideas, insights, knowledge, relationships born from meetings with sellers and buyers from all over the world. We thank once again the creative directors Angelo Figus and Nicola Miller for having selected our company for the Research Area: an opportunity for creative experimentation which, every time, pushes us towards the search for new yarns and, above all, for new ways to express fashion and style.


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