Feel Blue in the Research Space of Pitti Filati 91: Into The Wild

We live in wild times, full of comfort, yes, but difficult to handle: everything is an opportunity and a calamity at the same time. “Into the wild” is the main topic of Pitti Filati 91 dedicated to Fall / Winter 23-24 trends. We’re proud to be again in the Research Space in the wonderful Fortezza da Basso in Florence where we’re exposing our creations inspired by three themes proposed by the creative director of the exhibition Angelo Figus and the knitwear expert Nicola Miller. 1. BASIC INSTINCT, dedicated to negative growth, as a pathway that moves backwards on the timeline of human evolution. Decrease. Reduce. Reuse. Words that are already our mantra in Feel Blue. 2. VICTORVICOTRIA dedicated to gender fluidity, ambiguity, reversing, changing. 3. CANNIBAL, a tribute to wild and uncontaminated nature and to one especially interesting expression of her beauty: carnivorous plants, which in their splendid violence demonstrate the primordial ability of nature to adapt itself to anything. That’s is how we have interpreted “Into the Wild” at Pitti Filati 91.