Respect for the environment is our long-term investment

Feel Blue is a knitwear accessories company located in Pian di Pieca di San Ginesio, a small town in the Marche region, between the green countryside and the suffused blue of the Sibillini Mountains, mountains with infinite creative suggestions.

These are Giacomo Leopardi’s Monti Azzurri dell’Infinito. They are the enchanted peaks where the Sibyl, queen of the fairies, lives. Clean air, heady scents, suggestive landscapes, kind-hearted people, serene atmospheres, far from the frenzy, confusion and pollution. We could have set up our headquarters in one of the great industrial districts of the Marches, but how could we give up all this? When our customers discover the beauty of our land, they sometimes decide to come directly to us: they say that here they do “Marchetherapy”, they say that here the minds clear up, the body regenerates and ideas flourish more easily. We know it’s true, and that’s why we are committed to staying here, to creating jobs, but above all to generating real value for the local area:

• with low-polluting production processes that minimize environmental damage

• with human resource management that stimulates personal and professional growth

• with wide-ranging projects that support cultural and social initiatives

We live on the only habitable planet in the Universe: our sole objective should be to preserve it. That’s what we believe.

There is no point building a healthy company in an unhealthy world, right? That is why we continually invest in research into new sustainable production processes that:

– reduce pollution

– limit waste

– are good for our health

In doing so, we improve our business and do our part to preserve the health of the planet.

Sustainability is a collective project

Everyone we work with is involved with our project to protect the environment: suppliers, employees, partners but, above all, the customers that choose us because they are the first to believe in the importance of sustainability. For this reason, we decided to go beyond traditional quality certifications and rating objectives, to adhere to initiatives and protocols that reflect our approach.

Our sustainable practices

We have installed an additional purifier to further clean up the wastewater from washing machines and we use the Washing Balls to wash cold without additives, reusing the same water several times. Thus, we are able to save about 70% of water and 85% of energy and to reduce pollution from chemical substances.

We designed a hat pressing system that enables us to save energy (and time) and achieve a better result.

e take the steam that is emitted during pressing and collect it in a tank of hot water, which feeds the washing machines.

We use a specialist company to recycle (not dispose of) waste to produce new materials.

We recycle the separation yarn so that we can use it again.

We only use LED lights in our offices and workshops.

 We have installed E-power stations in our car park to encourage our customers and suppliers to use electric cars.

We have installed 50 kwatt solar panels that save us energy by reducing emissions.