Brilliant minds, wise hands, passionate souls

Value your ideas

Guided by the experience and charisma of our creative director, our designers absorb your moods, chew on your inspirations, seize your ideas, and turn them into design projects ready to be realized. They choose materials, define production details, test, check, experiment, until they achieve the perfect realization of each collection.

Relationships first

Day after day they competently, courteously and fairly weave relationships with clients: sincere, one-to-one professional and human relationships, consistent over time, based on a mutual promise of honesty and transparency. Their goal is to make you feel welcomed, understood, reassured, made part of the production process: all contacts are direct, no information is lost from one desk to another, all names have a familiar face, all phone numbers a friendly voice, all e-mails a familiar signature.

Love of work

When minds and hands meet, magic happens: spools unwind, threads intertwine, stitches close, and gloves, scarves, hats, capes, neck warmers and other knitted accessories are born. Weaving, stitching, washing, ironing, quality control, packaging, shipping: a great ferment of skilled hands putting their soul into every thread.

We know that people make a difference and we take care of them. We cultivate the professionalism of our employees, stimulate their growth, and preserve their physical and psychological well-being to build a stronger enterprise.