Our 3500 sq. m. headquarters is located in the inland Marche region, at the foot of the Sibillini Mountains, or Monti Azzurri, as Feel Blue puts it, outside the major industrial centers, in an area that is defined as suburban

These lands of ours are not suburbs in the city sense of the word. They are productive suburbs: few businesses, few jobs, few services, which in the long run (but not so much) means depopulation. If you then add that here, in 2016, there was a devastating earthquake, you understand that an alarming scenario opens up of whole families leaving. We chose to establish our headquarters here not only to create jobs, but to show that working here is possible and desirable. And we hope that others will follow our example. We know, however, that this is not enough. That is why we are committed to supporting local social, sports and cultural initiatives.


We support as an official sponsor the children's sports activities of the S.S. Vigor Tre Torri Society of Sarnano


We support the Macerata Opera Festival side event program by bringing cultural events for children to Sarnano


We were the sole sponsor of the August 18, 2019 Stabat Mater concert at St. Nikolaj Park in Loro Piceno. In the picturesque location at the foot of the castle, the Chamber Orchestra, Soprano Alessia Cingolani and Contralto Edy Bigotto, conducted by Maestro Licio Cernetti, performed Antonio Vivaldi's Concerto in A Major for Strings and basso continuo and Giovan Battista Pergolesi's Stabat Mater


We inaugurated the Feel Blue Tailoring Centrer, the workshop created with our contribution by Please Sound Onlus, in the Tamil Nadu region of India. The center has 16 sewing machines and enables many women to leave the grueling work in the fields to take up a more dignified and remunerative trade. That of sewing, in fact, is a great need in these areas where, due to extreme poverty, clothes are often adapted to be reused by more people. With this project we broaden our commitment to social sustainability to an international dimension, with the aim of making our contribution to the labor emancipation of women around the world.

Why Feel Blue supports Stefano Monti's short film Third Half

We supported in an important artistic project: "Terzo Tempo," a short film by director Stefano Monti produced by the Marche company YUK! film with the support of Marche Film Commission - Fondazione Marche Cultura. It is a story inspired by an event that really happened in the town of Sarnano in 1944: a tale that, starting from a particular episode, touches universal chords by enhancing the territory and its experience. Also in 2021, we supported the project L'Onda che Verrà, a show with Sergio Múñiz, directed by Francesco Facciolli, written four hands by performer and director and produced by Vincenzo Fazio and Arturo Morano for Art Show. The show also received the support of UNESCO, which included it as part of the Decade of Marine Sciences for Sustainable Development, a global initiative promoted by all member states of the United Nations to involve the entire civil society in the search for solutions to protect the oceans and, in general, for a more sustainable future.

Why Feel Blue supports FuoriMano Festival

We supported FuoriMano, a cultural festival and literary prize organized in Sarnano by APS Circolo di Piazza Alta from July 23-30, 2022. The theme they propose is particularly close to our hearts: the province, understood not only as a geographical dimension, but above all as an existential one. Around this topic, the organizers offer appointments with writers, filmmakers, artists, musicians and have launched a literary contest from which an anthology of short stories was born in which one of our contributions is also included, a reflection on what it means to do business off the beaten path. Also in 2022, we also gave our support to Ginesio Fest, an Actor's Art Festival organized in San Ginesio, where our office is also located. Ginesio Fest is a very prestigious initiative dedicated to theater in all its forms. We chose to contribute to one of the creative workshops for the little ones: "Naughty Hats," a hands-on workshop of creative decoration of hats created with recycled materials. Of course, the hats were taken care of by us.