at the foot of the blue mountains, we enjoy and preserve
the best of a wonderful land

Feel Blue is a knitwear accessories company located in Pian di Pieca di San Ginesio, a small town in the Marche region of Italy, between the green countryside and the suffused blue of the Sibillini Mountains, mountains of endless creative suggestions.

Pointless to build a healthy company in a sick world, don't you think? At Feel Blue, we continually invest in researching new sustainable production practices that:

- They reduce consumption

- They minimize pollution

- They contain waste

In this way, we improve our enterprise and do our part to preserve the health of the planet.

We live on theonly habitable planet in the Universe: the only goal we should have is to do everything to preserve it. We think so.

Questi sono i Monti Azzurri dell’Infinito di Giacomo Leopardi. Sono le vette incantate dove vive la Sibilla, regina delle fate. Aria pulita, profumi inebrianti, panorami suggestivi, gente di gran cuore, atmosfere serene, lontane dalla frenesia, dalla confusione, dall’inquinamento. Potevamo sistemare la nostra sede in uno dei grandi distretti industriali marchigiani, ma come potevamo rinunciare a tutto questo? Quando i nostri clienti scoprono la bellezza della nostra terra a volte decidono di venire direttamente loro da noi: dicono che qui fanno “Marcheterapia”, dicono che qui le menti si snebbiano, il corpo si rigenera e le idee fioriscono più facilmente. Noi sappiamo che è vero e per questo ci impegniamo a rimanere qui, a creare occupazione, ma soprattutto a generare valore vero per il territorio:

• con processi produttivi poco inquinanti che riducono al minimo il danno ambientale

• con una gestione delle risorse umane che stimola la crescita personale e professionale

• con progetti di ampio respiro che sostengono le iniziative culturali e sociali

Sustainability is a collective project

Everyone we work with is involved in our green business project: suppliers, employees, collaborators, but above all the customers who choose us, because they are the first to believe in the importance of sustainability. Precisely for this reason, we have chosen to go beyond traditional quality certifications and rating targets to adhere to initiatives and protocols that reflect our approach.

Our sustainable practices

Clean water

We installed an additional water purifier to clean up wastewater and use Washing Balls to cold wash without additives by reusing the same water several times.

Innovative ironing

We have devised an ironing system for hats that saves energy (and also time) while achieving a better result.

Steam recycling

We recover the steam lost during ironing and store it in a hot water tank that feeds the washing machines.

Recycling of scraps

Through a specialized company, we recycle (not dispose of) waste material to produce new materials.

Yarn recycling

We recover the separation yarn for use a second time.

Renewable energy

We have installed 50-kwatt solar panels that save us energy while reducing emissions.

Energy saving

We use only LED lights in both offices and laboratories.

Environmentally sustainable mobility

We installed an E-power station in our parking lot to encourage the use of electric cars among customers and suppliers.