We are a 'high-tech manufacturing enterprise with an artisan soul.


Feel Blue was founded in 2015 by Filippo Bracci, now creative director. Our roots, however, are much older. According to an ancient document, our founder's ancestors ran a spinning mill as early as 1719. This passion and ancient knowledge has been passed down through generations in the Bracci family and has fueled their creative and entrepreneurial spirit to this day. Feel Blue started as a style consulting company in 2004 and quickly established itself with major Asian Fashion Companies. Then, in 2015, we took the leap.

We have become a highly creative manufacturing company and have won the trust of major international Fashion Brands who rely on us to transform moods and inspirations into ready-to-sell fashion accessories. The love for our land and our roots, pushed Filippo Bracci to establish the company right here, outside the big industrial centers, at the foot of the Sibillini Mountains, or as Leopardi said, Monti Azzurri, because at sunset they turn blue. Like Feel Blue, indeed.

our knittitude

We imagine, we create, we realize,
we always aspire to excellence;
this is our idea of fashion,
this is our temperament,
we call it KNITTITUDE

Creative spirit

We are a manufacturing company that cultivates creativity at every stage of the work: from consulting at the concept stage to researching innovative methodologies to make the production process increasingly efficient and sustainable.

Value to people

We care for the talents of our employees, work as a team to do better and better, and cultivate human relationships to create a network of constructive relationships.

Artisan soul

We take care of every little thing we do. Drawing, knitting, sewing, washing, ironing, checking, packing-everything is done in the best possible way.


Environmental Sustainability

We have developed environmentally friendly production processes to reduce pollution, waste and energy consumption, and we are committed to always improving our standards and achieving new certifications.

and innovation

We use the best digital prototyping technologies to speed up production and reduce waste, and we can design accessories for virtual reality.


We have chosen to work in a wonderful place, outside the big industrial hubs, and we support a fruitful dialogue with the local area to do our part within the community.