Chemical Management 4sustainability®

Reducing the environmental impact of production processes is a primary goal for Feel Blue. In Feel Blue, we apply the Chemical Management Protocol 4sustainability® for the elimination of toxic and harmful substances in the production processes of the entire supply chain through the MRSL ZDHC (Manufacturing Restricted Substances List Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals). We have set up an internal team led by Giuseppe Mochi who is responsible for assessing risks, purchasing products, taking inventory, arranging safe storage, selecting suppliers, defining disposal and monitoring procedures In our case, the production phase with the greatest use of chemicals is washing: for a long time we have been using only detergents and softeners in line with ZDHC standards. Today we have also started using the Washing Balls to minimize the use of detergents. In addition, for 2 years now we have installed a purifier for waste water with very high performance that allows us to reduce pollution to a minimum. However, this is not enough: it is not enough to worry about what we do in the company, but we must also be careful in the choice of suppliers and select only those that comply with the same chemical management standards. The 4sustainability® Chemical Management Protocol implies a holistic approach that goes beyond the single company and takes into consideration the inputs, therefore the selection of suppliers and products, production processes, and outputs, i.e. waste management. The beauty is just that: with 4sustainability® we help create a self-controlled sustainable supply chain, in which surveillance does not come only from above but also from those who are part of it. It’s a puzzle, it’s not enough to look at your piece: all the pieces have to fit together for the picture to work. The 4sustainability® Chemical Management Protocol allows us to acquire a long-term competitive advantage, but above all it helps us to achieve our sustainability goals. It is an ethical question: an act of responsibility towards the environment and the community and future generations.